Haunted Places

Ghosts don't take a holiday, so we thought we'd give you a list of some places around the Midwest that are haunted year round. These are real locations where people have reported experiencing paranormal activity*

Haunted Places in Illinois

  • Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

  • Bremen Township, Illinois
  • The location of several reported ghost sightings and phenomenon ranging from orbs to phantom vehicles.
  • Crenshaw House

  • Gallatin County, Illinois
  • Also known as The Old Slave House, the location is reported to be haunted.
  • Pemberton Hall of Eastern Illinois University

  • Charleston, Illinois
  • The oldest all-female dormitory in the state of Illinois. It is home to the legend of Mary Hawkins, a former dorm mother who reportedly haunts the hall.
  • Peoria State Hospital

  • Bartonville, Illinois
  • An abandoned mental hospital formerly called the 'Illinois Asylum for the Incurable Insane' is reputed to be haunted.

Haunted Places in Indiana

  • Story Inn

  • Story, Indiana
  • A guest room is supposedly haunted by a ghost known as "the Blue Lady".
  • Willard Library

  • Evansville, Indiana
  • The public library is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a woman called "the Grey Lady".
  • Whispers Estate

  • Mitchell, Indiana
  • This reportedly haunted Estate was featured on Travel Channels "Most Terrifying Place in America" in 2010.

Haunted Places in Michigan

  • Big Bay Point Light

  • Big Bay, Michigan
  • This lighthouse is reputedly haunted by the red-haired ghost of its first keeper, Will Prior.
  • Mission Point Resort

  • Mackinac Island
  • Reported to be haunted by many ghosts including a little girl in the auditorium as well as those who drowned in lagoons, pools, and from jumping off cliffs. Syfy's Ghost Hunters investigated the phenomena in 2011.
  • Historic Fort Wayne

  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Ghostly forms and unexplainable activity have been reported on the fort's grounds.

Haunted Places in Minnesota

  • Winona State University

  • Winona, Minnesota,
  • Is said to be haunted by anonymous specters, especially in Lourdes and Richards Hall. Other paranormal reports include pictures getting knocked off walls and moved around by themselves, doors opening and closing by themselves as well as apparitional people walking through the halls when no one is in site.
  • Moorhead Train Tracks

  • Moorhead, Minnesota
  • Homeless men reported seeing a woman with red eyes walking towards them along the train tracks. Thought to be the ghost of a woman who tried to jump onto a train and failed. Her body was dragged by the train through town.
  • Palmer House Hotel

  • Sauk Center, Minnesota
  • Reported to be haunted by children and numerous negative entities.

Haunted Places in North Dakota

  • NDSU Minard Hall

  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • In the 1920s two people were found dead in the 4th floor attic room which was a dance studio. The room has since been closed off because of unstable floor boards.
  • Yunker Farm – Children’s Museum

  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • There is a ghost there people have named “Vanessa” after the mother of the family that used to live there. The 2nd story terrace often becomes unlocked by itself.
  • Trollwood Park

  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • The park has had numerous reports of ghosts. It was discovered to have been built on top of an old cemetery. You can see three locations, now marked by small stone monuments, where people were/are still buried.
  • West Fargo High School

  • West Fargo, North Dakota
  • “Rupert” haunts the auditorium and is thought to be the ghost of a janitor who fell from the lighting equipment in the early 80s. The lights and sound malfunction when no one is around the controls.
  • West Fargo Middle School

  • West Fargo, North Dakota
  • Late at night you can hear crying in the girls locker room. Also there have been reports of lights turning on an off by themselves and lockers opening and slamming shut.

Haunted Places in South Dakota

  • Mount Marty College

  • Yankton, South Dakota
  • The college is said to be haunted by numerous different anonymous specters. Other paranormal activity reports include showers turning on and off by themselves, water fountains running by themselves, mysterious footsteps, and apparitional shadows.
  • The Orpheum Theater

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • An unknown ghost, known as "LARRY" haunts the playhouse and on rare occasions, has tried to communicate with the living, but only has managed to scare them instead.

Haunted Places in Wisconsin

  • Summerwind Mansion

  • West Bay Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin
  • The ruined mansion is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in Wisconsin.

*The information from this list of reportedly haunted locations has not been substantiated, the material on this page is intended for entertainment purposes only.