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10 Things to Do Indoors on Cold Snowy Days

by Rachel

I like the prettiness of snow and all, but when it's coming down like this and the temperatures start to drop I prefer to stay indoors. It's easy to get bored when you stay indoors when it's cold and snowy and we need to find things to do to pass time.

The snow is still coming and temperatures are supposed to drop to single digits this weekend as well as below zero next week. So here are some ideas as to what to do indoors when it's so cold and snowy. Mostly fun ones, but also some that are not so much fun that should be done.

  1. Play a Board Game
  2. Do Some Winter Cleaning
  3. Binge on Movies and TV shows that are taking space on your DVR
  4. Spend Time with the One You Love
  5. Read a Book, Magazine or Newspaper
  6. Cook, Bake or Experiment with a New Recipe
  7. Get Caught Up on Bills, Paperwork, Bank Statements, etc.
  8. Work on Puzzle
  9. Start a Craft Project
  10. Build a Fort
These are some of my favorite things to do when it's too cold and snowy to go outside. What's your favorite thing to do indoors on a cold snowy day?