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Field day for youth firearms safety training August, 30th.

by Jessie Hawkins

The Chisholm DNR Firearms Safety instructors, working with Chisholm Sportsmens Club, will be conducting the field day for youth firearms training on August 30 th , 2014.

This training is in conjunction with the MN DNRs on line course. All students must be at least 11 years old, finished the online course and present their certificate of completion to the instructors on the August 28 th .

To complete the course, you can log on to huntercourse.com ; find MN, and start the course. You can also find the course through the MN DNR cite. Students study at their own pace, but must be complete prior to Aug. 28 th .

On Aug. 28 th at 5:00pm, the students will meet at the Chisholm Elementary for a 2 hour class. They must have the course certificate in hand at that time.

The Field day will be Saturday Aug 30 th , at 9:00am at the Sportsmens Club Property. Directions will be provided.

To register contact Vern Manner at 218-254-7918 . Course is limited to the first 25 students.