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Go one more time...at least.

by Craig Holgate

Yes I know April will be here next week, but it's still winter out in them thar woods! Imagine a good snowy winter and pretend it's late January and snow conditions are as near perfect as they will be all season. Well that's what things are like right now across the Northland. The wet heavy snow we received last Friday has groomed up nicely on area ski trails. Here's a picture from The Carey Lake Ski Trails in Hibbing yesterday....

It's really hard to believe that conditions are this good for this time of year. Big Aspen north of Virginia has also been groomed...

Photo credit: Ron Kutsi

And over in the Grand Rapids area I've heard of grooming reports from Sugar Hills, Mount Itasca, Soumi Hills, and Amen Lake. So even if your sick of the snow and the cold, do yourself a favor and get out at least one more time. It's wonderful out there! Find the most recent conditions here for around the area and state.