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PLL Fatal Finale

by Nikki Montgomery

Are you a Pretty Little Liars fan? I am not going to spoil the Fatal Finale for those of you that haven't watched it yet I will just tell you it is pretty intense. Someone dies! That's what all the teasers have been saying for the past week so that's not a spoiler.

All the couples are back together: Ezra & Aria are making it official by having dinner with her family, Caleb and Hanna are back on track confiding in each other and working together, Paige has forgiven Emily and vice versa, and Toby and Spencer are hot as ever. This all makes me happy. The writers of the show take just as much pride in the romance as they do the suspense. They do a good job at both in my opinion.

While those relationships are great the relationship that is most beneficial is the one the Liars forge with former tormentor, Mona. They have found common ground in that none of them trustAli. Good call considering that during her voluntary lie detector test Ali pointed the murder finger toward Spencer!

I love the character Mona because as evil as she is there's still a part of her that I feel sorry for. Ali was horrible to her (and everyone else she came in contact with), Mona's evil is fueled only by the hate she has for Alison, which almost makes it forgivable...almost. In her evil moments I really hate her, but in her vulnerable moments I really like her. Aria's interaction with Mona last week in the bathroom at the movie was one of those vulnerable moments and really demonstrated Aria's compassion, which Mona mentions is the reason Ali zeroed in on her as a "friend."

With Mona's help the Liars discover the connection between the poor dead Radley patient mistaken for Ali and the DiLaurentis family.

Now I said I wasn't going to spoil it for you so I'll stop here and ask what did you think of the fatal finale?