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Leggo my LEGOS!

by David Kuharski

Name one of your favorite toys growing up...

Hot Wheels... OK... me too

Transformers... HECK YEAH!

Legos?  .... OH YES SPARKY! 

But see I didn't have the fancy shmancy legos that our kids have today!  BACK IN MY DAY our legos came in only red, green, yellow, white and blue!  ... ok, OK enough of the soapbox

You can imagine how WIDE my eyes were when we moved to Connecticut when I was a young teen and discovered the Legos HEADQUARTERS, just down the way from our 2-story home, nestled alongside the Connecticut River.  In front of their facilities was a scale model of The Capitol Building made of LEGOS! 

Now I can share my love of the little building blocks with my kids, two of whom absolutely adore Star Wars (another fave of mine too from yesteryear). 

When they see this they're sure to freak out!


"Used by permission,© 2012 The LEGO Group"