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The Art of Gettin’ Out Da Way

by Nick Vitrano

For the second time in as many weeks, the Fox A-team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman had the call for my Green Bay Packers.  Like week 1, the accusation by many is that Joe (and Troy) appear to dislike the Pack.  There is even a Facebook page  imploring Fox to yank the pair from any future Packers broadcast considerations.  At the time of this posting, there were 33,503 “likes.”

All right….a couple of things here:

#1: We all need to stop whizzing and moaning when Joe and Troy get the call for our team.  They are Fox’s #1 crew, so if they’re at your game, that means you’re relevant, or at least perceived relevant.  There’s nothing negative about that.

#2: Ask any fan of any team in any city that Joe has broadcast a National Football League game – they all believe he hates their team.

The explanation is simple, and points to the professionalism and the mastery of Joe Buck – he’s truly impartial.  It’s not that he hates your team…he doesn’t swing from the jock of ANY team he calls.  That’s his job, to call the action without bias. 

Joe Buck is one of the best going right now precisely for that reason.  Not only does he fail to pledge allegiance to anyone, he is a brilliant economist of words.  We applaud the wordsmiths of the craft, those who weave seamless tales in and out of commercial stop sets, massaging the English language to the perfect end.  They deserve the credit they receive, but we don’t celebrate enough the broadcasters who simply set the table and get out of the way.  That is the brilliance of Joe Buck. 

Tease Image: Author-Monowi via Wikimedia Commons