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Bye, Bye Home Run Record

by Craig Mattick

Its only a few hours away.

Major League Baseball is getting ready to secure the all-time home run record for years to come.  MLB will soon sentence Alex Rodriguez to some sort of ban, possibly a lifetime ban, for being involved with the Biogenesis probe.  

Alex Rodriguez is now #5 all time when it comes to hitting home runs (647).  Rodriguez has been considered the top candidate to chase the record by Barry Bonds (762).  If and when A-Rod is suspended, there isn't anyone close or on pace to be considered in the home run record.

Manny Ramirez is the #2 active player in home runs with 555.  Here are some others:

#3 Albert Pujois (492)

#4 Jason Giambi (436)

#5 Adam Dunn  (431)

#6 Paul Konerko (429)

See...no one is close.  Top 12 active players have at least 13 years in the league and they would have to average some pretty big numbers to get close.

My prediction on the one player who could get close to the all time record?

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers.  Eleven years in the league with 353 HR.  He's tied for 85th on the list, and would need to average 32 HR every year for the next 12 years.  He's done that for the last 8 years.  One strained oblique muscle could change that real quick.

Many thought Alex Rodriquez was going to challenge the home run record.  It appears he'll spend more time now challenging his suspension in Major League Baseball