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Chipper Jones Saves Freddie Freeman

by Cade

By now, most of us have seen the chaotic mess that occurs when winter invades the southern United States.  Atlanta, a city of 6 million was brought to its knees after just a few inches of snow and ice.  Many commuters were stuck in 20-plus hour traffic jams and had no other choice than to abandon their vehicle and try to hoof it to where it was warm and dry.   One of those stuck in the traffic snarl was Braves first-baseman, Freddie Freeman.  Freddie took to Twitter to explain his situation.  He was eventually rescued by none other than former Brave, Chipper Jones.  Chipper found Freddie and brought him back home on the back of his 4-wheeler.  That’s what friends are for. 

*image courtesy of: Twitter.com