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An honor for Megatron.

by Ryan Fantozzi

Even though I am a Packers fan I can admit when another team in the NFC North or any other team for that matter has something incredibly awesome come out to honor them. Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson will have his own Transformers action figure released. Nike who sponsors Johnson's shoes and Hasbro who created the Transformers teamed up to create the action figure. 

The man known as Megatron will also have a deluxe package released which includes the three different cleats Johnson wears as well as the action figure. Reading the article got me thinking about who I would want to see get their own Transformers action figure. Some people around the building suggested Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald and Clay Matthews. 

Growing up I was a huge fan of the Transformers cartoon. I would have liked the movies more if Shia Labouf wasn't such an annoying, whiny you know what. I think it would be cool to see a guy like Steven Jackson or Andre Johnson to get their own action figure. Here is a look at Johnson's shoes and action figure. 


Who do you want to see as their own Transformers action figure?