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Who Would Want This Job?

by Tom King

The college football commissioners who have put together the Playoff system that begins in 2014 have decided that they will not serve on the board that will choose the teams that get into the playoffs each season. They are suggesting the possibility of using active athletic directors and so Barry Alvarez was asked if he would be interested.

He said that he would have to seriously think about it but there are alot of negatives about the job. The time commitment would be enormous and he suggested that you might have to take a leave of absence to do the job justice. He also said that many AD's dont want the job because of the abuse you would take from the fans of teams that dont get in. The Florida AD has already said he's not interested for that reason.

The commissoners would like the committee to have geographic balance and each conference will soon submit candidates to be considered. From there 12-20 will be selected