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What happened to the professional athlete?

by Jason Miller

I am not saying that I know exactly what it's like to be a professional athlete but as far as my family there are only two cousins on my wife's side that have experienced more professionalism than myself.  My cousin Joe tried out for the Bengals, yes those Bengals, and his brother Jordan, actually played for the Indoor Football team in Green Bay, the Blizzard.  

Then there is me...I played wheelchair tennis and yes I did make enough to put food on the table for my family.  There was not a day that when I was playing that I took anything for granted or advantage of anything and I can the same for my Cousin's.  

I was lucky enough to have a great sponsor at the time, that paid for my travel, hotel, entry fee, rackets, tennis wheelchair, flights to and from plus much more.  The money I made at every tournament went into my pocket and bought food and clothes for my kids.  It was hundreds not the millions that these ASH Clown professionals are making.  Then these clowns complain because they might lose a team-mate.  

Really....that's what your worried about huh Kobe.  You are such a punk ash beatch.  What if Meta was a female in Colorado you would be cool with her...uhhhh I mean him leaving as long she, I mean he keeps his mouth shut?  I know Kobe won't read this but if by some chance he would...I would switch jobs with you any day bra.  You get my pay check and I get yours.  Come on Kobe, take the challenge, contact me at jason.miller@mwcradio.com and lets have you see how everyone else makes a living.  Collect your millions and shut up and do your job.  Don't worry about who is playing along side of you, just be Kobe on the court and all will be good.  Besides you got Chris Kaman now so that should make you happy because that's a hell of a piece.  Meta the challenge goes out to you as well.  If you worried more about playing than oranges you could be one of the best.  

But I have my own problems to deal with so I will leave you with this.  Kobe and Meta you ain't got nothing on Matt Scott and Joe Johnson