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by Jason Miller

Please don't let the title of this post make you believe that I would try to contradict Stephen A. Smith from ESPN's First Take.  Stephen A. has a message for the black athlete.  While it is good he didn't go far enough.  Stephen A. please don't just speak to the black athlete, talk to the white, Hispanic, and any other race that is on the list of suspended players.  Weed is something that all race's need to be talked to about.  It's an all-race problem.  Now I understand that the list may have had mostly black's because it's a list of athletes and most athletes are black.  But please, for the sake of my children who I adopted from the Mother Land, Ethiopia.  They need to be able to look back on this and say that Stephen A. Smith is a great orator for the truth about drugs and how it affects all races.  Because I am not going to tell them, that just because they are black they have a higher risk of using.  They have a higher risk of using if I don't tell them how bad drugs are for them.  The reason those players are on the list, I would be willing to guess, is because they didn't have a mom or dad to tell them that you need to watch out for drugs.  Why?  Parents are and can be blinded by their kid’s success.  They think because their child is involved with sports, how will they have time for drugs.  Kids ALWAYS have time for drugs if they are not talked to over and over again.  This isn't a one-time conversation, it's an all the time conversation.  Your rant/PSA should be an every week thing.  Why?  Because most of those athletes don't have that person in their lives to tell them that they should stay away from that life style because you could end up on this list and then you ain't got no money to do nothing, including buy your kids some shoes.  Keep preaching Stephen A, just remember all races need to be preached to.  Thanks for the show, LOVE IT.