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St. Nick are you out there?

by Jason Miller

So after I get done with the show this morning, I am asking myself one question.  Would St. Nick bring Aaron Rodgers back so my team could rattle off four wins in a row?  I am 38, yes I know the truth about St. Nick and Santa, BACK OFF.  I have three kids who keep the Santa dream alive for me.  So, I go into the newsroom and tell, my friend the news director, that my kids loved what St. Nick brought them.  They got some gloves, a bracelet that has a religious tone to it and a flashlight.  To which he throws this one out...I never had St. Nick growing up.  Now my first reaction was, well this freaking guy is so old I'm not surprised.  That was quickly switched to how sad.  Even though I was thinking, he is old enough to be St. Nick....I kid.  So I start asking on Facebook.  I'm thinking someone is going to tell me that it's okay Jason, we know what your talking about not to worry those people at work are just weird.  NOT ONLY WAS THAT NOT THE CASE, my sister of another mother, tells me that, her and my other half sister, didn't do St. Nick and didn't find out about it till they were teenagers.  How is this possible?  

How is it that kids around the state, country and world don't know who St. Nick is?  So what you're telling me is that only a few know of this tradition?  You are telling me that only a few kids last night went to bed asking St. Nick for nothing, except a healthy Aaron Rodgers, DeAngelo Williams, D Rose, Randall Cobb, Larry Sanders, Jordan Reed or whomever is hurt in this holiday sports season we have right now?  I can't believe it!  I can't believe that kids don't have the full arsenal of those of our imagination or not to ask for things.  I want things.  I have things I want for my children, my wife, my family and me too but mostly others first and then if I remember it's about me.  Last night was about me and I asked St. Nick to make the collarbone of Aaron Rodgers better. Knowing St. Nick couldn't make it happen, but I figured GOD has better and more impressive things to deal with than my request.  Give GOD a break and ask the fictional character, St. Nick to make it happen.  Let me make something clear.  The Lord is my GOD, St. Nick, just a jolly old fella who "gives" us presents, so take it easy alright.

As I am writing this blog, I am having two others verify they too had St. Nick.  I have about 400 hundred friends on Facebook, yes I know them all personally.  398 people either don't care, have never heard of it and are too afraid to admit it or think I'm a dork and are afraid I will de-friend them if they disagree with me.  So I just am sad that kids around the country for the most part haven't had the chance to feel this magic. It's what's missing in the world really. 

It's sports and I don't think that GOD should be involved.  I think that this is the perfect time to ask a character someone made up years and years and years ago that they fix a person who is out there playing a SPORT someone made up years and years and years ago.  May your Christmas season be one of greatness and may the reason for the season shine down on you and yours this Christmas season.    

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