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#4 coming back?

by Jon Henseler

First of all, say what you will about my chosen career, my wasted degree, my neck beard or my grasp of the English language, but don't you dare cast a stone at my MS Paint game. It's beyond reproach. Like is that an old picture of Brett or did I travel to the future and snap a picture of him with the Rams? I honestly can't tell.

Anyhow the big rumor today on Sportscenter is that the Rams contacted Brett Favre about his interest in a return to the NFL after they lost Sam Bradford for the season with a torn ACL. Now according to an Adam Shefter report, where he was either sitting in front of fake books or answering fake texts on his Blackberry, Favre declined. Now if this report is to be believed I know three things for certain:

#1: The Rams aren't really that interested if they just called him once. Everyone knows you've got to keep calling Favre like a crazy ex-girlfriend over and over again, begging him to come back. Probably should have sent a delegation of the Rams good players as well (which would...be....James Laurenitis?) to beg him in person. Like if you're just going to call once and give up forget about it.

#2: Rachel Nichols is avoiding every call from upper management that wants her 'is she hot or isn't she' ass on a plane to Biloxi to do a stand up outside of his house.

#3: ESPN will be unwatchable for the next 12 hours.

PS: I remember when I played a franchise with the Falcons on Madden '04. And I think after 2006 Favre started signing with the Cowboys one year, the Chiefs the next, and on and on. And I remember saying out loud; 'Pfffft! Favre on another team?! And I thought video games imitated real life! Moooooommmmmmmm the meatloaf, I want it now!' Well 11 years later and EA Sports pretty much nailed it. Also, KC fans, you are in for a GREAT 2014-2019. Go ahead and put that parade money in the budget.

Double PS: How screwed up am I that I kind of want to see this happen.