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Men's floral shirts to be big in 2014

by Jack Taylor

I read a recent poll that asked women when should a man wear a Hawaiian shirt?  The majority of those responding said when the man is in Hawaii.  Today is Friday and I'm wearing one of four Hawaiian-style shirts I own.  Hawaiian shirt Friday.

So it's with great delight that I also read that floral patterns will be big for men next year.  In the upper midwest for a man to wear flowers anywhere requires a bit of chutzpah.

How do you wear flowers, or a floral pattern, and retain your manliness.  Spencer Lemon, brand director of San Francisco's men's boutique Unionmade, advises men to pair your flowery shirt with the classics.  In the Esquire article, Lemon says wear floral shirts with faded denim and, for the he-man athlete, a pair of white "Chucks.". He says the bottom line is that every menswear manufacturer is shipping out more floral prints.

Designers agree that for men to wear floral patterns can be a bold statement.  If your are uncomfortable wearing flowers don't force it.  Others tend to notice when your wearing flowers and if it makes you self-conscious the flop sweats aren't going to help matters.