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Your Photography..the more help the better!

by Dave Kallaway

THIS BLOG..THIS PAGE..THIS SITE..Lock it in..subscribe to it..get ready. We had a giant huddle and decided that to help you out with your photography. Everybody takes pictures. Look at one of the commercials on TV right now..the one that says "more people take pictures with the iphone than any other." Whether you have an iphone, another type of phone camera, a little point & shoot camera or a nice DSLR camera..we're going to post tips, tricks, ideas, and "head's up" on helping you make better pictures. The subjects will range from Weddings to Family Portraits to Concerts to Sports and much much more. Watch for a wide range of photography blogs here if you're a beginner or a pro..won't matter...passion for photography...that's what we'll share right here. (took this picture this winter of downtown Wausau with cool fireworks over the river!)--Dave Kallaway/WIFC-Wausau