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Spay or neuter your pets

by Jack Taylor

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO AM) - How many times have you heard Bob Barker or Betty White utter the line "please spay or neuter your pets?"  It's sound advice considering the pet overpopulation and the solutions of adoption or euthanasia.

   So it's with some hesitation that I tell you of my first dog "Tuffy."  He was a cockapoo and he lived up to his name.  When I visit Hot Springs, in the southern Black Hills, I can still see a little bit of that dog in many of the local mutts.  He was that cute.

    Because we did not "fix" him he roamed more than a herd of cattle.  He was gone for days.  We would drive Hot Springs, a town of about 4,000 residents; unknown number of dogs, yelling his name.  Once he came home with three strings tied to his collar, somebody tried to tie him up.

   When he did come home, and he always did, he would eat an entire bowl of food, drink the water and sleep for days.

   He managed to get the neighbor's dog pregnant, a German Shepherd far larger than he.  The puppies were the cutest and we managed to find owners for them all.  Got to admit I was a proud owner. (She was out of his league)

   I know, I know, irresponsible, can't deny it.  There will be more Tuffy stories with skunks, a second male cock-a-poo and the winter day we buried, or tried to, Tuffy in our backyard