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On The Road (with your pet)

by Sean Stevens

So, you're off on vacation.  Is your pet coming too?  Some pets don't travel well and if that's the case with you, your pet should be taken to a kennel, or more popular and safer, have a pet sitter come by your home to care for the animal.

If you are bringing your pet along, then you need to do some homework.  Is your destination pet friendly?  Are there people to watch your pet while you are doing vacation activities?  Pet friendly hotels can be found on the internet, but some have size limits or restrictions on the number of pets.  Always check ahead so there are no surprizes.

Make a checklist before you go.  What will your pet need?  Food, water bowls, their bed, treats, favorite toys, medications, ID tags, collars and leashes and anything that will make your pet less anxious.  Bring their kennel if it helps them feel safe and be sure to help them have some fun too!

Here's a website for pet friendly hotels. http://www.officialpethotels.com/?refclickid=1385~G~(E)~pet%20friendly%20hotels&gclid=CPzCxtWpo7kCFe9aMgodVnAAKQ#axzz2dNyXgHcL