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Cat's Funny Reaction To Wearing Thundershirt

by Jeff Frieders

Have you heard of ThunderShirts before?

Pretty sure their intended for pets that get anxiety during thunderstorms.

Hearing loud booms can frighten animals, and ThunderShirts claim to somehow comfort them when they get scared.

I don't know the science behind it, but apparently there's a calming effect created when dogs (and I guess cats too) feel something gently pushing on their bodies.

Might need to turn down the 'calming effect' on this one. :)

YouTube Description: Hilarious hypnotized cat in shirt - What happens when you put a thunder shirt on a cat. 

Soon moms everywhere will be buying ThunderShirts for their kids. :)

Funny stuff!

Seeing some YouTube commenters were afraid they were harming the cat, but another one clarified this concern with, "In case you people didn't know, it's a natural instinct to having something around its neck. It's pretty much there so they don't flail around when their parents pick them up by the neck when they're kittens."