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Choosing Godparents

by Nikki Montgomery

Choosing Godparents for your children can be hard. To me being a Godparent is a responsibility not just an honor so it was important to express that to the Godparents we chose. Choosing Godmothers was easy. Two of my best friends are not only big parts of my daughters' lives, but they also attend church. 

Choosing Godfathers was a little more difficult. My husband's brother is the Godfather to our oldest daughter, Mia, so we debated about whether or not we wanted to choose him as a Godfather again for one of our twins and we decided he was a good choice. That was great, but we had one more baby to choose a Godfather for so this was the really tough decision. My brother has not baptized his children because he feels that religion should be their choice it shouldn't be forced upon them. I completely disagree. I feel that as a parent it is our place to introduce them to religion and to give them the tools they need to make an educated decision whether or not they want to practice religion as adults. I think it is important for them to learn about the bible and to learn the stories if for no other reason than to learn the lessons that are contained in each. 

Because of this disagreement it was very difficult for me to choose my brother as a Godfather to one of our twins. He is my only brother and some people may say that because of that he should automatically be a Godfather, but it was more than that to me. The church sent us a sponsor letter to share with our sponsors explaining what a Godparent is so when we were all together for Christmas I gave the letter to my brother. I asked him to please read through it and think about it before deciding whether or not he thought he could fulfill the role of Zoey's Godfather. After reading it he told us that we would live up to our expectations and we were happy with that. 

I know that no four people would be a better fit for our twins. They will be loved and they will be raised to know and love God no matter what happens. I feel pretty good about that.

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