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Heading To The Beach?

by David Kuharski

Recently Julie's grandpa was in town staying with us.  On the last day before he went home, we all piled into our van and drove him around town.  One of the stops was at one of the many beaches off of Park Point.  Initially the plan was to take a quick walk down to the water line and let our kids walk in the water.  WORD TO THE WISE... Once kids walk around the surf, they will want to go further into the water.  And like all good parents who want to let their kids have fun, Julie and I let them walk further out.  Caleb took full advantage of the lee-way and tackled waves.  WELL... if big brother can do it--so can we!  That's what his brothers and sisters said and they tumbles into the waves too!

The only problem was... we had no beach towels!

Word to the wise, carry some beach towels in the trunk or in the back of your van, SUV or truck...

BTW it was worth it!  The kids had fun and we discovered a new beach!