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50 Rules for Dads with Daughters

by Aimee Sedik

I may not be a dad, but I am truly blessed to have an amazing dad and bond with him, and be able to watch the same bond and relationship develop between my husband and my daughter.

I have read this list  many times since we found out we were having a daughter.  My husband sent it to me after a co-worker of his, shared it with him.  I have cried, I have laughed and I have agreed with many of the 50 items on this list    

These are a few of my favorites:

1. Love Her Mom:  after reading what the author of this blog wrote, I couldn't agree more.  I loved the way my dad treated my mom.  You could tell there was a love there that couldn't be replaced by anything or anyone else.  I am soo lucky to have been able to find that now in my marriage.  I think my daughter too will one day grow up, and choose to be with someone who will treat her the way she saw her daddy treat me.  (To the left: this is my husband Eric and I.  We were married on March 15, 2011)

2. Always be there: there isn't anything that can be said about this one, the lead sums it all up. (To the right: this is my dad and I when I was MUCH younger)

6. Buy her a glove and teach her how to throw a baseball:  I grew up with a twin brother so I learned all the "boy" things in life.  And, I want this for my daughter too.  I want her to able to get down and dirty, and show the boys who should be playing quarterback in a game of flag football on the playground because she has the spiral perfected.

15. Dance with her: I still remember my first dance with my dad.  At it was at a wedding when I was probably in early middle school or late elementary (the timing of it isn't what was important)  I remember not wanting too, and thinking why would I dance with my dad.  And,  I am soo glad I did it after all.  Looking back, it was one of the memories with my dad I truly treasure.  And I love now seeing my husband dance with our angel.  Yes sometimes it's off beat, and sometimes it just plain embarrassing, but she's loving every minute of it---and I know so are we.

41. Take it easy on gifts...and give her experiences:  My husband and I have already made this decision.  Yes, on her birthday there will be presents.  Not many as we will be taking her on yearly birthday trips.  We want her to have memories of traveling with us, and seeing things that she ordinarily wouldn't.  For her first birthday last weekend, we took her to Mackinac--and she loved it!