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The Social Butterfly Starts School

by Corey Carter

Our daughter Jenna had her FIRST EVER day of "school" (3-K is what they call it, as she doesn't turn 4 until December) and it's only 2 days a week from 8-Noon, so it's pretty tame.

The first day feelings all parents have, sad that our youngest is old enough for school, a little scared that she's going to be away from a family member for the longest time EVER in her life (4 hours) but excited that SHE is SO excited for the day!  

The reason why we call her the "social butterfly" is that she is very friendly to other kids she meets for the first time.  VERY friendly.  OVERLY friendly??  It's pretty hard for a 3-year-old to be OVERLY friendly, but she certainly pushed the limit - and it's so innocent and cute.

While we were standing in line with her waiting to go into the school, there was a girl in her class behind us in line who was with her Mom and not looking very excited, as she was clutching her Mom's leg.  Jenna turned around and said "hello."  The little girl didn't respond.   So Jenna approached her to the point where their chests were touching.  She then reached out and grabbed the girls arms and wrapped them around her and proceeded to give her a hug.  The girl's Mom laughed as did we and although we knew that the little girl was afraid, she might have just made her first "friend" at school.  

I'm sure with our "social butterfly" there will be many more...