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School to Hand Out Condoms to Sixth Graders and May Not Notify Parents

by Vanessa Ryan

Is there an age that is too young to receive condoms in school?

How about an 11 or 12 year old?

If they ask for them, the Gervais, Oregon school district will allow teachers to hand out condoms to sixth-grade students this fall.

A study , from the Oregon Health and Science University, found that 7 percent of the girls at the High School became pregnant. This year alone nine girls in the school district got pregnant.

The Superintendent said they haven't decided whether to notify parents if their child asks for a condom.

Some parents are not fond of the new policy. One mom said, I dont think elementary kids should be around it.

As parents, we dont like the statement that they havent decided to notify parents or not. We feel that is WAY too young to be sexually active and we would need to be notified to talk more to them about the dangers and risks of that behavior.

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Do you agree or not?

~BS and Vanessa