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by Matt Z

I recently watched the Oscar winning documentary Undefeated.    Spoiler alert, I loved it!

It's about an underdog and quite frankly, underprivileged, high school football team in Memphis, Tennessee.  The Manassas Tiger's have been a bad team and an even worse program for much of their football history.  Then in 2004, Bill Courtney enters the program and turns it around.  Not only is he the coach, but he serves as the father figure in many of his athletes lives (at the expense of his own children at times).  He doesn't just want these kids to win on the field, he wants them to believe in themselves and ultimately win at life.  Sounds cheesy, right?  Well if you aren't moved by the journey, I fear you might be dead inside.  Speaking of being moved, the final 20 minutes of the movie had me either straight up crying or softly sobbing.  At the same time, I was smiling from ear to ear.  Judge me all you want, I can take it.  

The great thing about the documentary is that yes, it's about football on the surface, but it's underlying themes and messages are universal.   You don't have to be a football fan to be a huge fan of Undefeated.