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Movie Trailer Friday

by Matt Z

There are six movies that I am really looking forward to that open this weekend, most in limited release. The biggies are Elysium and We're the Millers.  The others are I Give it a Year, In a World...., Lovelace and Prince Avalanche.  

Elysium is the first big budget movie for writer/director Neill Blomkamp.  Blomkamp is best known for the Oscar nominated District 9, which starred his good friend and Elysium cast member, Sharlto Copley.   The movie isn't getting rave reviews but it certainly has me excited:

We're the Millers stars Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston.  The trailers and clips that have come out look very funny but a part of me thinks it's going to be one of those comedies that sadly features all the good stuff prior to it's release, then leaves you disappointed.  I hope that's not the case because Sudeikis always cracks me up and I would rather not waste my time.

Here are the other wide release movies this weekend:


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 

And now some of the limited release movies:

I Give it a Year  

I'm a sucker for a British comedy and I really wish more people would give really inappropriate toasts at weddings.

In A World... 


Prince Avalanche 

It's an offbeat, quirky comedy and I can't wait.  I really like Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch.  They look like they have great chemistry and comedic timing.  Should be a feel good comedy.