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by Jessie Hawkins

Women and men have very different opinions about what sexy is. Too bad everyone isn't on the same page – dating would be much easier! Here are some things women think make them totally sexy, but in reality just don't do it for guys at all:

  • Pouting: Some women seriously thinks this will just melt their guys hear – actually, dudes think it's childish and annoying!
  • Baby talking to your guy: Eww, not even cute.
  • Super huge fake boobs: Most guys say a handful is plenty, but if you are going to get implants stick with what works on your body and don't go absurdly large – it's not hot!
  • Acting helpless: Faking the whole damsel in distress thing just makes a woman look incapable. Be strong and independent. A capable woman is always sexy!
  • Bragging about how attractive other men find you: This just makes you look self-centered and shallow. (TheStir)

Just Asking ... What would you add to the list? Why? What are some things that guys think women find sexy that we just don't? Feel free to add your thoughts! ~Jessie B