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Teens need to hear this more often...

by Jessie Hawkins

Candace Cameron Bure, (D.J.Tanner on Full House) joined her friend and former co-star Andrea Barber, best known for her role as Kimmy Gibbler on the sitcom Full House, in posting old pics of the two and some of the other '90's stars.  Candace has a really good message I think too in the post she tweeted about the pic which was: "Young Hollywood 1990's. No stylist or high heels. Instead: baggie clothes, pimples & healthy weight. What a concept 2 show our teens today!

My interpretation of her quote is this:

Now a days magazines, sitcoms, Disney stars, actors and musicians all look a bit unrealistic in comparison to how the normal teen should look these days.  You are a teen...against your will or control your body and hormones are changing rapidly.  It's so hard not to compare yourself to other teens in your class and then on top of that...comparing yourself to the hollywood stars of today.  Let me assure you...it's ok to be a size 10...it's ok to have a few blemishes on your skin, it's okay to not like how you look right now...just don't get down on yourself and think that you aren't worth anything because you are!  You will change a lot before you hit your early 20's and that's where you start to have more stability in your life and your appearance.  So hang in there! ~ Jessie B

Bure reposted this gem of herself, Barber, Jaleel White (Steve Urkel in "Family Matters") and Jeremy Miller (Ben in "Growing Pains) on Instagram