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Sun so hot in Death Valley you can fry and egg...but you might tick Nevada State Park officials.

by Jessie Hawkins

An egg-frying video that went viral on YouTube has caused a mess in Death Valley National Park. The clip in question shows a staffer frying an egg using a skillet and the sun to demonstrate how hot it can get in the park.

A disclaimer with the video reads, “Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid outdoor activity in extreme heat. And please don’t try to fry eggs on the ground. It makes a mess, and it doesn’t work.”

Allegedly visitors didn’t get the memo and have been frying eggs on the ground, leaving trails of egg shells and empty crates. The park issued a plea on its Facebook page to crack down on the egg frying frenzy: “An employee’s posting of frying an egg in a pan in Death Valley was intended to demonstrate how hot it can get here … use a pan or tin foil and properly dispose of the contents … This is your national park; please put trash in the garbage or recycle bins provided and don’t crack eggs on the sidewalks or the Salt Playa at Badwater.” (Yahoo)