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Smiling snow sculpture may save Minnesota native's life!

by Jessie Hawkins

Almost 14 years ago Jim Gorbunow underwent a double transplant of his kidney and pancreas...and soon he's going to need a new organ.  As you may be aware you can be on a waiting list to find a match and that's only if one becomes available.  Jim, his wife and brother decided to utilitze the cold and snow to speed up and broaden the search for a new kidney...and it's working! They made a smiling snow kidney with a sign that says, "Wanted: Kidney"  And so far it's attracting the right kind of attention! The family has been inundated with calls from people interested in helping.  Huffington Post)
We hope he finds his match soon! : )
You couuld be the donor that saves Jim Gorbunow's life. Learn more about his campaign and how you can help here or reach out directly to the Gorbunows at KIDNEY4JIM@gmail.com