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National Donut Day honoring U.S. soldiers & the Salvation Army lassies aka Donut Girls. A little lesson in history

by Jessie Hawkins

A taste of history: Fried dough,
front lines and The Salvation Army

Today, Salvation Army supporters across the country will celebrate National Donut Day. The event honors U.S. soldiers and Salvation Army Donut Lassies, or Donut Girls, who made fresh, complementary donuts (GET ORIGINAL RECIPE) for American soldiers in France during World War I.

The Lassies’ legend began when two female volunteers, with limited ingredients available, cleverly thought to fry donuts in soldiers’ helmets (WATCH VIDEO).The scent of fresh baked goods permeated the air, and word spread quickly among the soldiers – “If you're hungry and broke, you can get something to eat at The Salvation Army” (READ MORE HISTORY).

The very first National Donut Day raised funds for people in need during the Great Depression. Since then, the day has become a way to honor soldiers on the first Friday in June.

Here's a taste of how The Salvation Army Northern Division is celebrating National Donut Day in Minnesota and North Dakota, plus stories of our continued service to military men and women.