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Life Imitating Art? : )

by Jessie Hawkins

Life imitating art?  Easton Corbin sings a song called, "All Over the Road," where he is trying to get out of a citation from a police officer because he's driving sporadically due to his female passenger.  lol  Wellllll, he wasn't so lucky recently in Illinois.  He was hauling back a motorcycle he had just purchased and he sped up to get past a semi truck heading into a construction zone.  Uh oh.  He was pulled over for doing 85 mph!  He had to dole out $1,000 bucks after needing his lawyer to come pay the ticket.  Ooops!  No worries though, Easton does not drive the tour bus. LOL

Easton Corbin sings about talking his way out of a traffic ticket in his latest single, “All Over the Road,” but he wasn’t so lucky with a cop who pulled him over in Illinois. Easton was hauling a motorcycle he’d just purchased back to Nashville in his truck when he hit a construction zone. The interstate went down to one lane, and Easton had to speed up to merge in front of a semi truck.

He tells ABC News Radio, “You know, it’s only about 45 or 50 in this construction zone. Well, by the time I get past this semi, I’m going 80.”

Immediately after Easton got in front of the truck, a cop came speeding up behind him, pulled him over, and told him he was actually doing about 85 miles per hour.

Easton admits, “I just started cringing — a construction area going that fast. And he said, ‘Man, I just couldn’t let you go.’”

As if getting the ticket wasn’t enough, one of Easton’s fans posted the news about his ticket on his Facebook page. He took a big financial hit from the ticket as well.

“I had to hire an attorney to come pay my ticket,” Easton says. “It ended up costing me a thousand bucks. I was like, ‘I will never speed again in my life.’  I was about to pass out when I heard what it was gonna be.”

Luckily, Easton has someone else to drive his tour bus as he heads to Adrian, MI for a show Wednesday night.

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