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by Jessie Hawkins

5 Fights Men Should Avoid on Mothers Day

Important Mothers Day Advice from Laurie Puhn, J.D., the Harvard-educated lawyer, couples mediator, relationship expert and bestselling author of Fight Less, Love More, now offered as a virtual online course. Visit www.fightlesslovemore.com

As Mothers Day approaches, so does the opportunity for unmet expectations, disappointment and fights. Men: Heres how to avoid the blunders and win your womans heart on Sunday, May 11!

1) Man says: Honey, for Mothers Day I bought you a membership to the Gym or to a book about getting healthy. She thinks: He thinks I am unattractive, fat and flabby! He wants to fix me. Who does he think he is, Mr. America? And a fight begins

Fight Control Advice: Dont buy any self-improvement mothers day gifts unless you have previously discussed that gift with your honey and she said she wants you to get her that.

2) Man says: Nothing about his Mothers Day plans before Sunday arrives because he wants to surprise his wife. She thinks: Whats wrong with him? Ill bet he forgot about Mothers Day. He always forgets things that matter to me.And a fight begins

Fight Control Advice: Specifically tell your honey in advance that you know Mothers day is coming and that you have a special plan.

3) Man thinks: I dont have to do anything special for my wife on Mothers Day because she is not my mother. I have a mother. She thinks: how ungrateful he is considering all that I do for him and our family. And a fight begins

Fight Control Advice: Do plan something special just for your wife. Give it to her from yourself (and kids if you have any). Statistics show the most valued Mothers Day gift is giving her time to herself, away from work, parenting, household responsibilities and even ones husband!

4) Man buys: A Mothers Day card and only signs it, Your loving husband

She thinks: Hes so lazy! Again he took the easy way out. He bought me a card so he doesnt have to spend any time writing something nice to me. And the fight begins

Fight Control Advice: Write a few personal sentences on the card. Begin with, I love you because____, and mention a few of her best character traits such as generosity, kindness, being a talented and hard-working mother, etc.

5) Man Says: Whatever you want to do on Mothers Day is fine with me.

She Thinks: Again he leaves everything to me. He never makes a decision. I have too much responsibility. I am sick and tired of doing everything. And the fight begins

Fight Control Advice: One of the most annoying words of 2013 was whatever. Avoid it and offer up a couple ideas, even if they are rejected it shows you put some thought into the day.

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Laurie Puhn, JD, author of the national bestseller Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In has a Bachelor and Law Degree from Harvard University. She is a lawyer, couples mediator and relationship expert.

Visit her online at www.fightlesslovemore.com