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I got skills!

by Jessie Hawkins

While young adults might be more up to speed with technology than older adults with their iphones, ipads and ipods, there are lots of skills older adults have that the youngsters never will.

Heres a rundown of skills that most young adults have never bothered (or will never bother) to learn:

  • Cooking from scratch
  • Sewing
  • Canning
  • Meeting people without using the Internet
  • Haggling
  • Writing handwritten letters ( Huffington Post )
  • I'm going to add...dialing a rotary phone Ba ha ha ha! : )

What simple skill are you embarrassed to admit you dont have? How have you gotten through life so far without it? Whats the coolest hobby or interest any of your parents or grandparents have? Anything really old school?

I will admit...I do not know how to sew. Nope, not one stitch. lol I did can once with my mom but ummmm I didn't really retain much of that experience. The rest of the list...I'm good.

My Grandma Rolfson was amazing at crocheting. She made dolls, blankets, hats, mittens, you name it...I didn't inherit that skill either. :)