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I don't mean to panic, but we all saw the movie Outbreak...right?! Here's how to not get Ebola

by Jessie Hawkins

So two American pilots are being flown back from Africa to America on separate flights to be treated (but not cured) for the Ebola virus. I happened to watch Outbreak years ago with Dustin Hoffman and that chick... Yikes. Kind of makes me nervous about this whole thing. But what do I know? Nothing! So I looked it up. Here's what I found out about the Ebola Virus:

You can get it (and it is spread) by contact with fluids of an infected person. Those fluids include saliva, sweat, vomit and blood.

There is no known cure or vaccine for Ebola as of yet.

The virus causes bleeding from the mouth, ears and eyes.

If you travel abroad...well, just don't travel abroad. lol But, if you do wash, wash, wash those hands and maybe wear a face mask...just my idea

Obviously avoid contact with infected people...should be easy enough...they'll be quarantined somewhere no where near Minnesota I hope.

Symptoms mimic every other illness out there...serioulsy! But, if you have a sudden temperature, muscle aches, vomiting or a rash then you might have the disease...or you might just have the flu, food poisoning or strep throat. Good luck!

Useful links

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