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How young is to young for cell phones?

by Jessie Hawkins

I think I was 18, maybe 17 when I got my first cell phone and it was a dinosaur. It was huge lol It wasn't the bag phone but dang close. I think I only used it for a few years then said ah heck with it. It wasn't until the year my son was born that I got another cell phone...A razor of some kind and I've been hooked every since. I remember when my step-daughter wanted a cell phone at like the age of 11 or 12 and I was like oh heck no! Now 10 years later I see really young kids with cells; my son included. He's 7. Now the reason he got my hand me down phone at first was because of the games downloaded on it. Then in today's single parent household with no land lines I decided to activate his phone. To my surprise he's been pretty dang responsible with it. But I myself still shake my head and think...7 years old and you have a cell phone....Holy Guacamole.

Sooo what are your thoughts? How young is to young to have a working cell phone?