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Get ready for the future! No, it's not a hover craft...it's not a teleporter device, it's a beer pouring robot!

by Jessie Hawkins


Have you ever dreamed of a day where your personal robot pours beers for you? Well, that day just got one step closer.

Scientists at Cornell University have programmed a robot that can predict what you’re about to do and then help you out. With a Microsoft Kinect sensor as its "eyes," the robot watches your body movements. Then it accesses a video database of about 120 household activities – including eating, brushing teeth and pouring beer – to predict what your actions will be a few seconds into the future. The robot then makes a decision about what you’re likely to do next and what it can do to assist you.

This article courtesy of: (Wired)

I think that's actually more scary than cool... ~ Jessie B