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A strange sight on 37 th street in Hibbing warranted a closer look...and what I saw was something beautiful, but dangerous.

by Jessie Hawkins
Going for a walk on my lunch break I spotted something quite strange to see.Now, normally when I go for a walk on my lunch its the usual sight of cars passing by, dogs barking...you know, the usual.But as soon as I left the radio station parking lot heading east on 37 th Street I saw a young boy lying on the side of the road.

What the?!So I snapped a pic and then hurried over and asked him if he was ok.He sat up and said something like, Yes I am.I am doing an experiment.I want to see how many people will stop and ask somebody like me if I am ok.

Hmmm.Intrigued, I asked him how many people had stopped.He said two people.He told me his name and I introduced myself as well.I told him to be careful and wished him luck and as I began walking away a police car pulled up.I heard her ask him if everything was alright and he went on to tell her about his experiment.She, the responding police officer, very politely and with care, told him it was a dangerous experiment.I then continued on my walk but the whole scenario stayed with me.Would we stop to help a stranger...would we be more compelled to if the stranger was a child?What would you do?