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Are you annoying? Here is a list to find out....

by Laura Bradshaw

The nice people at reddit.com decided to compile a list of the most commonly annoying people.  And yes- my pet peeve is on there.  The flushing thing.  REALLY??????  

- People at work in an office who have their cell phone ringers on full volume.
- Walking onto the train or elevator while other people are still trying to get off.
- People who leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot instead of returning them to the cart corral.
- Not flushing in a public restroom. Rude and gross!!  (by the way, you can use your foot).
- People texting when you are talking to them.
- Apparently eating in a library is rude too.
- Being the first person on the empty bus and having someone immediately sit right next to you.