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Who Knew Duluth Was #1 For This

by Mark Evans
Not only was Duluth's water recently voted best tasting in Minnesota, this University of Florida study indicates that Duluth has the best fresh water availability in the country. In fact, we set the standard with a score of 100 - only two other cities scored better than 50, and over half of the 225 cities have a score less than 1.

The obvious advantage is Lake Superior, but this study also takes into account the robustness of our water system, and the ability to reliably deliver to our customers. We are blessed with this tremendous resource - may we never take it for granted. In the next 20 years the futures of entire metro areas will be put in question because of the lack of reliable fresh water. So pour yourself a glass of Minnesota's best tasting and America's most abundant fresh water and give thanks for the blessing of this amazing natural resource that we all enjoy straight from the tap.

-Duluth Mayor Don Ness