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How Often do YOU Wash Your Clothes after Workouts?

by Corey Carter

When it comes to working out...I'm a "sweater"...unfortunately, there is nothing that I can do about it.

Knowing how much I sweat when exercising, when I read this, I thought: "GROSS!!!"

When it comes to keeping gym clothes clean, a new survey finds that most people wash their clothes only after every third workout. Women are the worst offenders, the survey said, with just 21% washing their gym clothes after each and every workout....

Read more of this HERE  thanks to The Times LIVE.

That's ridiculous!!! 

That's what I thought when I first read it also, but now that I've had some time to actually read the article, I notice it is from England (London?) and it reminds me to stick to the "personal in-hotel-room" workouts if I ever travel there. 

But seriously tt got me thinking tho about a problem I DO have going to the gym nearly every day on my lunch-break:

How do I keep my workout clothes from "stinking" after having to put them back into my gym bag, soaked after a workout, and let them sit in there and fester until I get home and can get them into the wash?

Does anybody else have this problem?  

Being a such a sweater also - my gym shoes end up STINKING like crazy after only wearing them for 3-4 months at the gym.  Same problem with my clothes above, is that they don't completely dry between workouts.  Maybe 2 pair of shoes and alternating days would be an option?? 

Help!!  Please comment below if you have any suggestions!!