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Miranda Lambert Says She's Not Pregnant, Just Fat From Cheeseburgers!

by Vanessa Ryan

Being country's hottest couple comes with positives and a whole lotta negatives...just ask Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Not a week goes by without their marriage being scrutinized by the tabloids and gossip rags.

Miranda says, "It's funny, 'cause we've reached that point where people say, 'You've really made it when you're in the tabloids.' It's like, 'I guess we're famous, hon! Cheers!' It's kind of annoying."

Recently Blake has been accused of infidelity in the tabloids, and the couple has used Twitter and humor to make light of those rumors. Miranda says, "According to this week, I'm divorced. And I think I'm gonna be pregnant again next week according to the media. Crazy people. But I'm actually doing great. We're very happy."

Blake and Miranda will celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary in May, but they aren't expecting a little bundle of joy to go along with that milestone. Miranda explains, "I'm not pregnant. I just got fat over the holidays. Just a couple of cheeseburgers extra."

We've all had a "food baby" once or twice or more right? ;) If there is any couple out there who can take the the rumors, its Blake and Ran wouldn't you agree?


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