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Miranda Lambert Looks HOT Gracing Cover of Women's Health

by Vanessa Ryan

Miranda Lambert looks as beautiful as ever on the cover of the new issue of Women's Health! Inside she opens up about her new hobby and her new favorite body part...

Miranda tells Women's Health about her new hobby. " When I'm home I love to, I just started taking English writing lessons, and so that kind of my new hobby, and doing something for myself. It's way different than anything in music. It sort of keeps me focused. And it lets me clear my mind and so something positive and physical and a hard workout and I really enjoy that."

(Women's Health)

When asked about a few highlights of her slimmer physique, the 30-year-old shared: "I guess, if I had to say the favorite part about my new body would probably be my arms. I always struggled with having big arms, so having smaller arms, more toned is definitely a plus."

~BS and Vanessa