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Florida Georgia Line Sued?!

by Vanessa Ryan

Florida Georgia Line and their tour manager are being sued.

According to the lawsuit, back on Sunday, July 20th, the duo played a festival in Salt Lake City called Country Explosion. Their tour manager, Troy Johnson, was given a check for $205,000 by the promoter. Johnson was asked by the promoter to not deposit the check for three days to give time for box office receipts to be deposited into his account so there would be enough funds to cover the check.

Allegedly Johnson agreed to wait, but ended up putting the check through the next day, and it bounced.

Johnson then told colleagues in Nashville through email about the bounced check.

Now Country Explosion feels they were defamed, and it has made it impossible for the promoter to book artists for next year. Country Explosion is seeking $15 million from FGL and Johnson claiming defamation and breach of contract.

FGL claims that they still haven't been paid for the show.

~BS and Vanessa