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Country Artist Injured In Serious Roll-Over Car Accident

by Vanessa Ryan

Joel Crouse was involved in a serious automobile accident on Friday night (May 16).

The singer was driving when he lost control of his car, which flipped and ended up on its roof.

The 21-year-old rising country singer had been planning to go to Las Vegas over the weekend, but wound up in the hospital instead. He says he was fortunate to escape serious injury.

Crouse has been rumored to be dating Pretty Little Liars star and country singer Lucy Hale, who was also slated to visit Las Vegas this weekend to attend the Billboard Music Awards. He took to social media to clarify that nobody else was involved in the accident.

He wrote...

Well.. Last night a miracle happened. I walked away from my car without a scratch on me. A little banged up but I have no doubt in my mind that God saved my life last night. I am incredibly thankful and grateful for my health. Also thank you for the prayers.
No Vegas for me this weekend, sorry @lucyhale

~BS and Vanessa