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  • Information on items needed for donation for those displaced by Sportsmans apartment fire

    Posted by Scott Hanson
    Items that are needed by the people who lost everything in the fire at Sportsman's on Thursday January 24th. The Brick Yard will have an area for donations to be dropped off starting Friday Jan 25th at 11:00am and can be dropped off anytime during business hours until Friday February 1st. There are people who work at the Sportsman's and friends and family of those effected by the fire who will sort through the donations and get them to the right people. ...Thank you for any and all help you can give. It's times like these where the strength and compassion of a community really shines through!!

    Items needed are:
    Men's pants sizes 38/32, 36/32, 34/34, 30/34.
    Men's tops and winter jackets sizes L, XL, 3XL.
    Men's shoes/boots sizes 9 1/2, 10, 13.
    Women's size 1 slim bottoms. Women's XS tops and winter jacket.
    Women's shoes/boots size 5 1/2.
    Boxers L and XL(new preferably), women's undergarments(unsure of size, but probably small, also new preferred).
    Deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.
    Beds, bedding, TVs, dishes, furniture, etc! Anything you would need on a regular basis, they all need. They lost everything!
                                                                                                                                                          An assistance fund has been set up, per the Hibbing paper this morning, at Wells Fargo. Send donations to any Wells Fargo location made out to Sportsmen's Tenant Fund.
  • Lady Antebellum - Webisode Wednesday

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    Lady Antebellum's new single was debuted in their Webisode Wednesday.The webisode also featured another announcement. 

    There's a certain Aunt B missing these days...

  • DIERKS BENTLEY: Reunited With Missing Dog Jake

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    Dierks Bentley has been reunited with his beloved dog Jake!

    The mutt went missing yesterday afternoon after thunderstorms in Nashville scared him, and he jumped over Dierks’s fence. Dierks took to Twitter and Facebook to help find his pup, posting, “Praying someone found him. A cold, wet, white dog. Red collar.” The search went viral, and Jake was found early this morning (Monday) by a young lady named Anna Belle.

    Dierks posted, “OMG. My wife just told me someone found Jake on Facebook and is bringing him to our house! One of the happiest days of my life. Grown men don’t cry -- yeah, right. Thanks you to everyone on Facebook and Twitter that spread the word.”

    Dierks added a photo with Jake and his rescuer: “And here he is! Thank you, Anna Belle! She swooped in and picked Jake up after he was almost hit by another car.”

  • CORVETTE: 2014 Model Pays Homage to '63 Stingray

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    General Motors is going back to the future with their iconic Corvette. On Sunday, the automaker unveiled the 2014 model, which is completely redesigned, but still manages to pay homage to the '63 Stingray.

    The C7 Corvette was shown for the first time Sunday at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit and GM North America President Mark Reuss gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up, saying, "I love this car. That's why I'm here. Honestly, I joined the company because of this car. This business is supposed to be fun, right? This is fun."

    Source: Detroit Free Press

  • Video: Minnesota Reporter gets tackled....

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    Before the Minnesota Vikings took on the Green Bay Packers on Saturday, a local Minneapolis TV reporter took an enormous hit which, looking back on it, may have been a preview of things to come for the Vikes.

  • Video: Not Just a Hat!

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    In this heartwarming video, a man gets tickets to a championship game. His reaction makes you see why it is better to give than receive.

  • You could buy Kenny Chesney's Frat House

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    The Johnson City frat house where Kenny Chesney lived when he was a student at East Tennessee State University is for sale. When word spread that the Lambda Chi Alpha house had been Kenny's campus home, more than a thousand people checked it out online -- perhaps hoping there would be a keg hidden in the closet. So far no one has offered to shell out the almost $600 thousand the owner is asking for