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  • Meet the New Pope!

    Posted by Scott Hanson


    Former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was picked as the new pope on Wednesday and will now go by the name of Pope Francis.

    Here are some facts about the new pope:

    • He's the first non-European pope in modern times.
    • He was the runner-up to Pope Benedict, the man he's replacing, at the 2005 conclave.
    • He's 76 years old and only has one lung, after losing one to infection when he was a teenager.
    • He's considered an intellectual who lives a modest life, often traveling by bus and cooking his own meals.
    • He often visits slums and tries to help the poor.
    • He's believed to be theologically orthodox and socially conservative.
    • He was against Argentina's gay marriage laws and contraception.
    • He tried to repair the church's reputation in his home country after it failed to speak out on Argentina's murdering dictatorship that controlled the country from 1976 through 1983.

    Although it's believed that he will try to address the financial and sex scandals that have rocked the Church in recent years, don't expect big changes with Pope Francis at the helm. The National Catholic Reporter's John Allen wrote, "No matter what happens, the church almost certainly won't reverse its bans on abortion, gay marriage or women priests."

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  • BASEBRAWL: Bench Clearing Brawl at World Baseball Classic

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    The World Baseball Classic is supposed to bring teams from around the globe together in the spirit of competition. On Saturday night, the contest between Mexico and Canada erupted into a bench-clearing brawl.

    WBC said in a statement on Sunday that it was "extremely disappointed" in the teams' behavior, but their governing body said there won't be any suspensions.

    Part of the reason there were no suspension was because WBC "determined that disciplinary measures would not have a meaningful corrective impact" since Mexico was eliminated when they lost to Canada and Canada was eliminated on Sunday afternoon when they lost to Team USA.

    Seven players were ejected after the fight, which happened in the ninth inning. The brawl started after Team Mexico's pitcher threw at a Canadian hitter after the previous batter dropped a bunt for a single in a lopsided game.

  • Best Dog Trick Ever

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    The greatest dog trick ever? The greatest dog trick ever. We present the vodka-fetching dog.

  • Mila Kunis BBC interview: The Best Interview Ever

    Posted by Scott Hanson

    Mila Kunis recently sat down with the BBC to talk about Oz the Great and Powerful, and after helping the first-time interviewer get through some early jitters, she winds up having the best interview she's ever had.

  • PARODY SONG: "Kiss The Pontiff Goodbye" to "American Pie" by Don McLean

    Posted by Scott Hanson






    Bye bye kiss the Pontiff goodbye

    He’s retiring, they’ll be hiring
    A brand new Catholic guy
    Pope Benedict he will relax all the time
    Maybe on the beach while drinking Mai Tai’s
    Or give parasailing a try!

    PARODY SONG: "Kiss The Pontiff Goodbye" to "American Pie" by Don McLean