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  • New Years Eve Celebration

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    So it's the day before New Years Eve and I feel too busy to even notice!  Years ago it used to be such a big deal to get together with a big group of people and count down to midnight.  Ha ha!  Now I'm usually in bed by 10.  Last year I believe Jacob and I with my friend Kelli and her son Justin watched Walle and went to bed by 10:30.  I think the tradition of kissing someone at midnight is so romantic and cute.  I just pretend it's midnight at 10.  hee hee

  • Ramble, ramble

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Okay, so I'm going to ramble a bit about me for a minute or two so you can get to know me if you're checking the blog for the first time.  I'm Jessie B Hawkins but everybody just calls me B or Jessie B.  Funny story about how I got on here at Radio USA.  Scott Hanson (that loveable, crazy red-headed morning show guy) and I played phone tag forever trying to set up a day for me to come in and audition.  When I finally got in - I found myself nervous as could be which is odd because as a singer in a blues/rock band singing in front of people was no sweat...but talking?!  Hee hee.  I almost blew it cuz I started giggling when I was supposed to be talking on the air.  To my relief I dazzled Scott with a made up commercial and got the job.  It's been SWEET every since.  I love my job here at Radio USA.  Now...6 years later I am no longer singing but rather staying at home every chance I get with my son Jacob.  He is a ham like his mother!  Every day I learn something new about parenthood and love.  I promise I'll share.  take care til the next ramble...Jessie B