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  • carrie underwood

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Carrie will make her acting debut on the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother  on Monday, March 1st!  She is also making an appearance in the upcoming biography film "Soul Surfer" She joins, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift and Reba in adding "acting" to her resume!Carrie Underwood

  • Listening to the radio

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    I remember when I was growing up...listening to the radio was the way I learned about music outside of music class.   I would wait all night for my favorite song to come on and on Sundays I knew it would play during the count-down so I'd plug my little radio in at the kitchen counter and wait to hear it.  It seems silly now but it really was kind of magical!  Then for my birthday, Christmas or when I'd save up enough of my own money, when I outgrew toys, the one thing I wanted most was the CD from my favorite artist.  Now in the new day of technology it's easy to listen to music on the internet, watch it on t.v or download songs illegally.  It's sad really.  I think that if the radio tax passes and radio stations around America have to shut off their mics and stop playing music what a depressing world it would be.  Even though I play songs every day...I still listen to the radio every day.  I love producing the commericals too.  I don't believe radio should be taxed because the record companies are taking a hit in sales.  They should really tax the World Wide Web if you ask me!   : )  I really do hope and pray the tax on radio does not pass and I can keep playing music and listening to it on the radio as well as getting the word out there about community events and what the celebrities are up to.  The world would just not be a happy place...without radio!A radio

  • Alec and Kim

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Ever see that movie War of the Roses with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner?  Michael and Kathleen play Barbara and Oliver Rose - a couple that goes through a bitter divorce battle to the end...literally the end of their lives.   When I saw the headlines today about Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger it reminded me of that movie.  Apparently Alec had told his daughter Ireland that he had had it with their telephone conversation and said he was going to take a pill and end it.  Probably referring to ending their conversation.  He took an ambien and went to sleep.  At the crack of dawn the paramedics were there to take him in for a possible suicide attempt.  He had to go to the hospital and was released within an hour.  He was greeted at his home with a mob of paprazzi.  I bet Kim set it up.  Now either she is really a witch or he's done some serious stuff to deserve her wrath...orrrrr they are just like Barbara and Oliver Rose!  Kim and Alec

  • Boost your BUTT?

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    LMBO...that's what I did when I read this article on how to boost your butt in your jeans.  Then I thought about it...hey if I can boost my butt in a good way why the heck not?!  I check out this jean buying guide and the next time I go to find a comfy pair of jeans I might think about this jean buying guide and splurge a little to boost my butt!


    boost your butt

  • jacob playing football

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    My son has quite the arm!  we were playing football in our livingroom the other day...oh was it funny!  He has 3 small soft footballs that I've collected the past three years of his life and he finally took an interest in them.  I grabbed on of the footballs and yelled "Blue 32, Blue 32 hike hike!" and then threw the ball.  Jacob thought that was the funniest thing ever so he grabbed  his little soft football and yelled "boo foo two boo foo two hike hike!" and threw the ball.  It pleased him so that I laughed so hard that we continued to "play" football for at least an hour!

  • Bringing kids to a rated R movie

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    So I made it to the theater this weekend to see the movie Legion.  I like sci-fi stuff and was interested in how this movie could possibly portray God wanting to end life on Earth.  The movie is far fetched and doesn't have a strong plot or explanation to back up why this one baby can save man kind. 

    Anyway, aside from the movie itself...I was shocked to see a woman (there with her girlfriends) bringing her young son to this movie.  He looked like he couldn't have been more than 6 or 7.  The preview were adult in nature like "Nightmare on Elm Street" and then the movie itself was full of adult language and violence.  I bit my toungue and I know it's night right to judge others and their situations but it made me uncomfortable for that child.  I  hope he didn't have nightmares and I hope mommy, or whoever is responsible for him will be more responsible in her own judgement when it comes to her child.  I apologize if this offends...just had to vent!

  • Vikings lose

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Oh man!  Maybe if I had had a better attitude going into the game it would've helped. I just knew if I got too excited about the Vikings winning and going to the super bowl it just wouldn't happen so I kept telling myself that we were going to lose...and we did.  Bugger!  What slippery hands they all had...I could not believe the turnovers and why didn't Brett just run the ball when he had that last chance to win...I'm guessing he didn't want his ankle to give out but c'mon!  Oh well...I guess I'll cheer on the Saints now since they are the Super Bowl underdogs.  VIKINGS VS SAINTS

  • Lilith fair

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    The lilith fair will be coming to Mpls this summer!  The tour includes Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, Nora Jones, Lorretta Lynn and more!  Here's the link to the website Lilith Fair

  • Haiti Relief

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    This Friday, January 22nd, we can tune in and watch some of our favorite country, television and movie stars join in the effort to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

     I just can't imagine.  I thought about that last night...what would I do if I had to somehow tell my son everything will be okay when I'm really not sure it will be. No drinking water, no supplies to feed, clothe and diaper children.  How awful.  I dropped off some drinking water and diapers to be shipped to Haiti at Jim's Sports Club in Chisholm and next pay day I'll send some money or more supplies to do what I can.

    Back to the stars though, they will be volunteering their time during the  "Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief" Telethon Friday, January 22nd at 7pm on CMT, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN.HBO, VHI and more.  This is the most widely distributed thelethon in history! Talyor Swift, Keith Uran, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, George Clooney, Bratt Bitt, Ben Stiller and more will be part of the telehon. 

    Will you be tuning in?  Do you think donating supplies goes further than donating cash or how do you prefer to help? 

  • Vikings win

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    Can you feel the excitement!  I'm really hoping the Vikings win against the Saints Sunday but I am not holding my breath!  I think we could do it but I don't want to get all excited and then feel that disappointment!  I think I'll have some friends over and tell Jacob for this day mommy gets to choose what we watch!  ha ha

  • gary allan

    Posted by Jessie B Hawkins

    I've often wondered if country stars turn up the radio when their song comes on or turn it off.  I imagine some crank it up, but not Gary Allan.  He says when his own music comes on the radio he changes the channel because it drives him nuts to listen to his songs because he picks apart his mistakes the rest of us wouldn't notice or care about! gary allan